“Functional China” was established in 2017 and is owned and operated by non-binary entrepreneur and artist Kat.

”Functional China,” is a business proud to be a representation of the innovation and creativity of Native American Two Spirit pioneers within the cannabis industry. Thanks to the hard work of people like, Kat, the cannabis industry is being revolutionized by business owners like them. 

Kat’s drive to create one of a kind ceramic and glass pieces stems from having been ailed by a serious illness, post-traumatic stress disorder, and a much needed artistic outlet to aide in Kathleen’s healing processes. It was only natural that they took a leap forward from this juncture and learned how to skillfully craft these unique pieces–for only they had developed an obsession with collecting fine bone china pieces from England for their current collection(s).

Kat works independently out of her home in Los Angeles CA, and spends time scouring thrift stores and antique shops around the Southern California region on a mission to provide the finest home decor and smoking accessories to the modern consumer. Kat’s innovation is quite unique as opposed to today’s mainstream business models viewed in the cannabis industry as a whole.

 To this extent, Kat focuses on using true vintage, repurposed items, and upcycling/repurposing antique bud vases and decanters; furthermore, Kat has successfully made an effort to bring these unused, and long forgotten items back to life into completely unique and one of a kind pieces.

Recycling these pieces not only re-purposes the unwanted glass, but with it, “Functional China” re-purposes the ideas behind the glass itself.

 All of Kat’s pieces and collections are hand-picked, curated, and handcrafted with love!

The quality of crafting is currently unmatched! The mission statement, At “Functional China,” ‘We’re always researching and finding ways to bring the highest quality vintage artisan, and one of a kind fully functioning decor into your home’ is the hallmark of her continued success.

What sets Functional China apart from competitors is that they use a 14-18mm glass on glass hardware for the delicate construction of our crafting, as opposed to flimsy, slide stems so often seen in mass production, and we focus more on offering high-end vintage antique items. This is in clear opposition to capitalizing on the more simple and mass produced wholesale market, low quality pieces that consumers have grown accustomed to.

Functional China also offers custom orders, so there is the option to turn your family heirlooms or vintage finds into something even more useful and practical.

Kat is also available to curate custom collections, based on color, style,  or to fit particular aesthetics for weddings and events.

As of late, Kat has also just recently started curating a Vintage Japanese China collection, Mid Century modern collection, and a Mid Century Art Deco collection to appeal to the different tastes, themes, and eras of home decor with an adherence to unique, hand crafted pieces that are truly a work of art.

“Functional China,” is a company where consumers can find aesthetic beauty, quality craftsmanship, and an unparalleled level of dedication to aesthetic beauty.